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Live more conciously
Live more consciously - this is how you succeed!

The year 2020 has just started and we are already in the middle of autumn, which slowly but surely heralds the approaching end of the year.

For many people, it seems as if time has just passed by. Why is that? Often it feels like that from a lack of awareness. For this reason, we have put together 5 tips for a more mindful life for you.


  1. A fresh new morning routine

We often start our day grim and hectic. It is no wonder that we do not even notice how little we perceive our environment.

Hence our tip: Just dare a new process. That can already be expressed in small ways: instead of the everyday muesli, eat a soft-boiled egg with whole-grain bread, try out a new podcast in the car or take the bike instead of squeezing into the bus and train with many other people.

  1. Avoid multi-tasking

In our everyday life, at work and especially in life with children, we are often forced to deal with many activities at once. However, we should be careful to avoid this if the situation allows. It is important that we allow ourselves the luxury, at least during periods of rest, not to overwhelm ourselves with a wide variety of tasks or stimuli.

Consciously engaging in action without exposing ourselves to distractions can often be very healing and bring us back to here and now.

  1. Celebrate your meals

Just as carelessly as we deal with our mornings and periods of rest, we often treat our food. Breakfast is eaten in a hurry in the morning while standing, at lunchtime, we eat at the desk and the television is on during dinner. How did it actually taste? – No idea.

It is better to take time for your meals, to eat consciously and thus to enjoy a lot more. This not only helps us to live more mindfully but also gives us back a large part of the quality of life.

  1. Self-reflection

A mindful life also includes becoming aware of one’s feelings and thoughts, i.e. being self-reflective.

Often, we question our own thoughts far too little, especially in stressful situations. In such moments, we often let ourselves be guided too much by unconscious emotions. If, on the other hand, we become aware of what we are feeling and what thoughts triggered these feelings, we have the opportunity to freely decide how we should behave.

  1. Gratitude

We’ve all heard it hundreds of times: Gratitude helps create a happier mindset. But have you tried it before? It actually works. Try to build the habit into your everyday life of writing down 3 things in bed every morning for which you are grateful. That could be the date in the evening, the planned breakfast, or the good book that you are looking forward to. Either way: this routine enables us to become more aware of our happiness and to start the new day with vigor.

And now it’s up to you to gradually integrate our five tips into everyday life! We wish you every success.

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