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Common questions

What does SanaExpert do?

SanaExpert specializes in the development and distribution of high-quality, non-prescription food supplements and dietetic foods. These food supplements and dietetic foods cover the symptoms of various medical indications and can thus make a valuable contribution to your health.

Why are SanaExpert supplements presented by doctors so frequently?

SanaExpert strives for a continuous and intensive exchange with doctors. SanaExpert uses this information advantage to continuously check, test, and permanently optimize its existing preparations. In this way, SanaExpert has adapted and optimized various preparations to the immediate indications in the past. The long-standing relationship of trust with doctors from all disciplines means that SanaExpert products are gladly recommended for appropriate indications.

How does SanaExpert ensure its high-quality standard?

Ingredients of natural origin are used for all SanaExpert supplements. All ingredients are subject to the strictest quality criteria when they are tested. These tests are carried out both internally and by external companies and authorities.