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Açai berry
Açai berries - more than just a trend!

This superfood hype from the USA has long since reached Germany in the form of juice, powder, or fruit spread: the language is from the Brazilian miracle berry açai. Superfoods like them bring variety to the menu and, thanks to their valuable ingredients, should have positive effects on health.

The açai berry is the fruit of the cabbage palm, which is native to the humid valleys and floodplains of the Amazon basin. In its region of origin, it is a traditional staple food for the indigenous population.

The purple-black berries are very popular and for good reason. They have a high concentration of valuable antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and digestive fiber. Hence, they are said to be able to strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and endurance, and even slow down the aging process. Besides, they should be able to prevent heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


The açai berry has definitely earned the title of superfood. The use of açai powder is particularly recommended, as this is much less complicated due to the longer shelf life. Açai powder is also found, for example, in SanaExpert Acai Berry, ( Buy now on Amazon ) which can be taken as a capsule or powder, mixed with drinks, yogurt or muesli.

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